Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Welcome to my learning blog!

Hello Everyone!!!

Welcome to my new blog on topics covering e-Learning, Adobe Captivate, digital audio and video, as well as aspects of learning and business.

For the past year my wife Leslie and I have been helping Adobe's e-Learning and collaboration Marketing tea, by working the Adobe learning trade shows. For us this is a great opportunity to meet users of many Adobe products but specifically, Adobe Captivate and the Adobe eLearning Suite. The feedback we receive at the shows makes it to the Engineering and Marketing staff and we hope that will help future versions of these products become even better!

My career started with International Credit at Citibank and rapidly switched to Information Systems, or Management Information Systems as it was called back when (I admit, I've been around a long time). I worked in IT management at Marsh & McLennan and Day Runner and then started RELATE Corporation,  initially a provider of iT and ERP implementation services. In 1995, I wanted to do something different and RELATE became a Training company that specialized in web-based training.

In a short time we became a top reseller for Macromedia (now Adobe), Allen Communications, Aimtech, ClickToLearn and others. Today we focus on developing custom e-Learning content for customers like General Eletric, the County of Los Angeles, Cisco and many others.

Aside from my duties at RELATE, I am active in the Learning community, a teacher of the martial arts (which I've done for over 45 years), avid reader, videographer, digital audio fanatic and voice-over talent. OK, I don't sleep much... :)

Future blogs will have much more substance now that the intro is over. Thanks for visiting the blog and please, subscribe. Also, on the right you'll see that we have podcasts for Adobe Captivate, which can also be found HERE.

See you next time!


  1. Relate always has been a professional enterprise. They work hard and his work always gives you something extra, something more.

    Their work gives you that something else that you keep inside the heart with a view to the inspirational window of the creative mind.

  2. is there an Adobe software that will help me create a state's capitols game...click on state and user must identify or input the capital?